1. Strengthening Your Artistic Vision: Five Creative Exercises for Enhancing Visual Attention

    2023-06-04 15:13:59 UTC
    What is visual attention? Visual attention helps individuals perceive and notice details, patterns, and relationships in their visual environment. By selectively attending to relevant visual information, individuals can gather a wealth of sensory input that can inspire new ideas and stimulate creative thinking. This heightened perception can lead to unique…

  2. On the Walls of the Heart

    2020-04-15 18:28:35 UTC
    Most of us are spending our time during quarantine as “hunker-downers” as the actor Leslie Jordan likes to say on Instagram. While I have been hunkering down, I’ve been looking through boxes of old negatives, hoping to find some happy family photo gems and rekindle some memories of happy times.…

  3. About 5 Acres

    2020-01-04 18:38:32 UTC
    My family and I moved to rural Virginia about three years ago. As you can guess by the title, we got about 5 acres of land. A bit of the land was taken by the power company I believe, and other parts of the land were given to others by…

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