Shoji Ueda

Shoji Ueda (1913-2000): He was a Japanese photographer. I was first introduced to his art by reading photography book recommendations by Alec Soth, who is a Magnum photographer. The simplicity and geometry of Ueda’s photos are really fascinating to me.  Here is a link with some samples of his work and more information about him:

There is also a sense of peace within the photos as well. I feel like there is also a bit of surrealist art within the photos as some of the photos remind me of some of Salvador Dali’s paintings. This is most likely true since surrealism started in 1917, during Ueda’s life. I have tried to take photos like Ueda, but I have found it really difficult to do. His photographs seem very simple on the one hand, but on the other, I am guessing they were planned out in a detailed way. If you read more about him, you will find that he considered himself to be an amateur photographer. 

Whenever I am in a bit of a rut photographically, I like to view his work. 

Here are some affordable selections of Ueda’s printed work:

*Titled simply ”Shoji Ueda
* Ueda: 2O Postacards
* “Shoji Ueda’s World”

Here is a very nice book with excellent coverage of Ueda’s photographs. This is definitely one for a collector:

* ueda

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